24 - 25 November, 2015 | ILEC Conference Centre and Ibis London Earls Court, London, United Kingdom

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Cyber Risk: "Companies could be facing fines of 2% of global annual turnover"

Cyber Impact Gateway will host the Cyber Insurance and Risk Theatre, dedicated to helping organisations improve security and profit and chaired by Dave Clemente, senior research analyst at the Information Security Forum (ISF). Ahead of the event, Clemente summarises the main issues driving the cyber risk and insurance markets, what new European regulation will mean for all online companies, and what he thinks company directors haven’t yet thought enough about…


Accenture: The Cyber Security Leap

Read Accenture’s security research report to learn how leapfrog organisations are improving their security posture and improving detection of cyber security issues. Accenture is a sponsor of this year's Cyber Impact Gateway.

Exclusive Content

Under Attack: why financial institutions need intelligent cyber security

In this exclusive op-ed, Floris van den Dool, Managing Director for Information Security Services, EALA, at Accenture, explores the developing levels of threats to the financial sector and the increasing redundancy of conventional cyber security methods.


Cyber Impact Gateway: In Numbers

The Cyber Impact Gateway event will offer four content rich, dedicated conferences with a full exhibition and technology demonstration floor. Here we explore the latest statistics and developments on Information Security for businesses, subject-by-subject. We’ve opened the gate...now choose your path!


The Perfect PR Playbook…For Responding to a Cyber Incident

Cyber attacks now present a clear threat to all businesses and customers. While the problem is recognized among most large-scale enterprises (i.e. those with the capital to invest in high-end cybersecurity), there remains an inability for any network to remain 100 percent secure. This means that, for now, the average likelihood of a data breach remains high across the spectrum while the capacity for prevention is worryingly outpaced by the capacity of the threat. Today, there is no excuse for not having developed a full plan for responding effectively to a data breach, beginning with an airtight strategy to protect customers and the organisation's public reputation...

8 Shocking Facts about Cyber Incident Response

“Unfortunately for many organizations, Incident Response is still primarily a reactive premise centered on a plan or policy document that describes how they should handle such an event. Alarmingly, many others have no plan or policy at all,” says Clint Sand, Sr. Director of Global Cyber Readiness and Response Services, Symantec. [Forbes] Companies need to be better trained to deal with cyber incidents and rather than merely trying to stop them from happening, must now make the assumption they will happen. Read all 8 eye-opening facts...

UK Cyber Scheme to become European standard?

The Cyber Essentials scheme has became mandatory for central UK government contracts which involve handling personal information and providing certain ICT products and services. However, according to those providing direct input on the scheme, confidence is high that the rest of Europe will soon be adopting these same British-made foundations. Brian Lightowler, Managing Director of QG Management Standards, one of four accreditation bodies on the scheme, explains how this model is taking shape.

Exclusive Content

In Numbers: Information Security for Financial Services

Did you know?... 39% of financial sector organisations that admitted to being victims of cyber crime in 2014. Other industries saw only 17% of organisations willing to admit being targeted. Only 41% believed they would experience cybercrime by 2016. Read the mini-graphic to find out more - or download the full infographic here.

In Numbers: Cyber for General Counsel

Did you know?... 54% of general counsel claimed to be either “confident” or “extremely confident” regarding the status and risks associated with the company’s IT strategy - 4% more than company directors. Download the graphic to find out more - or download the full infographic here.

In Numbers: Cyber Risk & Insurance

Did you know?... Cyber risk is rated as the number one risk facing the non-life insurance industry over the next few years –followed by nat cats and regulation – according to a survey of over 800 insurance practitioners and observers from 54 countries. Download this graphic to discover more - or download the full infographic here.

In Numbers: Human Factor - Digital & Cyber Skills

Did you know?... 95% of all cybersecurity incidents are believed to involve human error. Download this graphic to read more statistics on the subject - or download the full infographic here.